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Kate Pullen

Builderall Certified Partner

Builderall is a 'smart platform' containing ALL the essential tools a business needs to survive and thrive online.

There are three key opportunities - choose one or more that most interests you: 

1/  BUILDERALL BUSINESS: Market Builderall to clients and to earn 30% commission on sales of licenses (sell just one Builderall Tools license a week and at the end of the year you will have a recurring commission payment of over $480 per month PLUS you recieve 100% of the first month commission). 

2/  BUILDERALL TOOLS: Create services based on Builderall tools and sell these to clients and customers (create a website and sell it for $500 - keep $500) - and using the pre-made templates, this is astonishingly easy to do

3/ BUILD A TEAM: With Builderall Business you can create a team and earn a revenue from your team's Builderall license sales.

Whether you choose to follow just one opportunity or all three - it's up to you. Rest assured that training will be given to help you, which ever way you decide to go

What is Builderall?

Create your own business over which you have full control (no quotas etc). Your business, your rules.

Earn commission through selling BA licenses to businesses, organizations etc and/or earn 100% through selling websites etc.

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Examples of services YOU can offer

Get started for free

If you'd like to get started but not sure which plan you'd like, why not sign up to the 7 day free trial (no credit card required) and then send me an email or a message through FB messenger so I can walk you through all you need to know.

Who am I...?

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Hi, I'm Kate Pullen and I have been a Builderall user since its launch in the international market.

I quickly saw the massive potential of a single platform that offers businesses of all sizes the opportunity to build a business online - and on top of that, the exciting opportunity it brings individuals who want to sell the platform and provide services based on it. 

Importantly, I am currently going through the first Builderall Certified Partner program. I'm one of the few being trained by the owners of Builderall in the use of every aspect of the platform.

This means that the training and the support you (and your team) recieve will be the best.

As a certified partner I will be trained in all new tools and programs - and that means that you will too.


with Builderall

If you are looking for a new work-from-home opportunity which will allow you to create a long term sustainable business, learn new skills and provide financial reward, come and join us. If you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme then hit the back button, this isn't for you :)

Build your own online business with Builderall (a platform of tools to run a business online). You will recieve 30% commission on sales of Builderall licenses, 30% of commissions of sales from your team (if you want to start a team - remember this is YOUR business, you choose the direction you want to take), bonus payments, 100% of any services you provide using the platform.

​​​​​​​Plus, the business you build will be a very real asset. You can sell your business later if you want to move onto new things.

An EXCEPTIONAL Opportunity

How it works

Have questions?

Tom Peters

Author of In Search of Excellence

If a window of opportunity appears, don't pull down the shade.

I was paying for tools and systems separately - now I am saving A LOT of money. Plus I am not tech savvy and this platform is easy to use and makes me look good, like I know what I am doing. FINALLY!

Kari Price​​​​​​​

I was paying al-a-carte for all the tools necessary to run and market my business (hosting, email marketing, website builder, sales funnels, e-learning platform, mobile app creator, etc), but now that I have all the tools in one convenient, easy to use platform for less than $30 per month, I am saving over $400 on a monthly basis. That's a HUGE monthly savings for my small business. Thanks Builderall!

Keisha M. Green​​​​​​​

Why clients love Builderall

Who are the potential clients?

Potential clients include EVERYONE who needs a website or a presence online. Businesses, organizations, groups, family and friends - just think of the people who need a website or web page, and that's a potential client. Think about your local highstreet. Do those businesses have websites and if they do are they nice looking and up to date? What organizations, schools, friends etc need sites? What about web designers, wannabe web designers, VAs - the list is almost endless.


Plus there's the opportunity to offer services (don't worry if you're not tech savvy - using the prebuilt templates ANYONE can create a website or web page).  As well as offering the platform, offer services such as web design, blog writing, training etc - it's YOUR business :) 


Sell Builderall and recieve 30% commission on license fees

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Start a team and recieve 30% of revenue from licenses sold by your team

As BA Tools plan plus...

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Build a saleable asset - your Builderall business can be sold if you want to move on to other things

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Full training, free group and monthly unique templates & layouts

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One on one support, monthly business meetings and more!


plus $97 one-off

Keep 100% of services offered, earn 30% commission on license sales PLUS 30% commissson on your team's sales

Access to all the Builderall tools. Create websites, web pages, apps, e-commerce sites and MUCH more for clients and customers 

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Monthly unique templates and layouts 

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As free plan plus...

Full training and support on using the tools and selling services

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Note: No commissions are paid on starter plan but you recieve 100% of revenue for websites & services you sell etc

Weekly office hours and group chat sessions

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Keep 100% of services offered

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Build Websites

Choose from hundreds of ready made templates covering a variety of niches to create websites and webpages for local businesses, online businesses, organizations - in fact anyone who needs an online presense. Even complete non techies can create a great looking website in a flash! Make just one a month at $500 to earn an additonal $6k  a year.

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Digital Marketing

Create sales pages, make online flyers, build sales funnels - there's a whole host of digital marketing campaigns you can offer clients and customers. Not sure how to get started? Don't worry - we'll give you the information you need to start working with businesses and organizations.

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Create e-commerce sites, e-learning sites and membership sites for clients. Remember you will charge for setting up the site - and you can also create ongoing services such as adding new products. If you have products or services you would like to sell or a course you'd like to create, now's the time to do it and build another revenue stream.

E-commerce and E-learning

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Remember you recieve 100% of any services you provide on the platform. Offer training and support to your clients to provide additional value to the client as well as an additional revenue stream for you. Write blogs, add weekly content to a website, send emails etc. These are all valuable services you can provide to busy business owners using the Builderall platform.

Training and Support

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Create your own team (if you want, remember, YOU are in control), Earn 30% commission on license sales from YOUR team.